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Surrounded by its architectural beauties and the spectacular landscape, Ravello is regarded as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Amalfi Coast.

Built in the 4th century, Ravello has been the favourite destination of scholars, artists, writers and musicians like Boccaccio, Wagner, D.H.Lawrence, E.M.Forster, Gore Vidal-all looking for inspiration for their art.

In the gardens of Villa Rufolo, Wagner saw the model for Klingsor’s Garden in his opera “Parsifal”.

Gore Vidal described the Gardens of the Villa Cimbrone that culminate in the spectacular Terrace of the Infinite as “the most beautiful in the world.”

The annual Ravello Festival takes place in the summer on the main Rufolo terrace with a series of outdoor entertainments featuring classical music, cinema, ballet and literature readings.

Opened in 2010, the impressive “Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium ”is now available to house performances all year round. For more information please use this link

      Viale Gioacchino D'Anna, 5 - 84010 Ravello (Sa) Italia tel +39 089 857144 fax +39 089 857972 e-mail
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